Who Is The Saudi Prince 🇸🇦 🤴

Prince Mohammed bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and also serves as the Prime Minister! He was born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia on August 31 1985 🇸🇦 🔛 👑 🤴 .. Fahda Bint Falah Bin Sultan Bin Hathleen King Salman’s third wife and son is he?

Who Is The Saudi Prince
Who Is The Saudi Prince

Prince Mohammed bin Salman received his education at Riyadh’s King Saud University studying law! Since then he has held various positions within government such as personal aide to King Salman and later senior advisor to King Abdullah. In 2012 Prince Mohammed bin Salman was appointed Minister of Defense; then two years later he was promoted to Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of the Interior 👑 🤴 2️⃣.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is widely known as the architect of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 an ambitious initiative to modernize and diversify the country’s economy. The plan calls for a major increase in foreign investment the development of non-oil sectors such as tourism and an increase in the number of women in the workforce 👩 ️.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s tenure as crown prince has been marked by a number of significant reforms 👑 ️ 🤴. In 2018, he lifted the ban on women driving, allowed cinemas to open, and began to allow certain forms of entertainment such as concerts 🔛 👩. He has also promised to decrease the country’s dependence on oil by encouraging investment in the tech sector and to promote greater openness in the country.

In foreign policy, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken a hard line against Iran and its proxy forces in Yemen and elsewhere in the region 🇾🇪 🇮🇷 ️ 🤴. He has also sought to strengthen ties with the United States and in 2018 he made a visit to the White House where he met with US President Donald Trump.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been widely criticized for his human rights record. He has overseen the imprisonment of several prominent dissidents including the members of the Al-Hathleen family who were detained in 2018 👪. Additionally he has been criticized for his role in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi which has raised questions about the kingdom’s commitment to human rights.

These controversies aside Prince Mohammed bin Salman is still popular in Saudi Arabia where his reforms have been viewed as a sign that there has been progress 🇸🇦 ️ 🤴. Many have praised his Vision 2030 initiative and efforts to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil. The Saudi public has also praised his close relationship to the United States 🇸🇦.

As Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman will continue to play a significant role in determining the future of Saudi Arabia both domestically and internationally despite his reputation as a controversial figure 🇸🇦 👑 ️ 🤴. ! .

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