Is Saudi Arabia A Dictatorship 🇸🇦 ️

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy!! It is an absolute monarchy even though the government does not officially recognize it. However many believe it to be a dictatorship. The government has allowed little political representation. The monarch holds absolute power and has total control over all government decisions and policies. As the head of government the King appoints and selects the prime minister 🇸🇦 ️ .

Is Saudi Arabia A Dictatorship
Is Saudi Arabia A Dictatorship

Saudi Arabia adheres to Sharia law an Islamic code of morality enforced by the religious police!! This strict code is applied equally around all faiths and is enforced on everyone regardless of faith 🇸🇦 👮 🔛. Women’s rights are severely limited – they cannot vote drive or work without consent from a male guardian. Freedoms of expression and assembly are severely curtailed while government often censors or blocks access to websites it doesn’t approve of.

The government is also very intolerant of dissent . The government can issue threats and prisoners without due process, and torture is reportedly used to extract confessions or to suppress political dissidence . Human rights activists are often detained without charge or trial and are subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment . Political parties are illegal and unauthorized public gatherings are routinely broken up by the police 👮 🆙.

Is Saudi Arabia A Dictatorship from Pexels , user Brett Jordan
Is Saudi Arabia A Dictatorship from Pexels , user Brett Jordan

The country has a history of suppressing political opposition covering through the use of capital punishment. While the death penalty is still in place executions have lately been on the decline and are more often carried out in secret. While executions and torture are still used to suppress political dissent there have been some steps taken by the government to allow for more freedom of expression .

The government does not allow for much religious freedom, and an individual’s faith is closely monitored . Non-Muslim worship and practices are banned and conversion from Islam is punishable by death . There have been some liberalization of religious restrictions in the country but overall religious freedom is still extremely limited .

Saudi Arabia is simply a region that is increasingly becoming more restrictive and oppressive and is becoming less tolerant of dissent and diversity 🇸🇦 ️. The government is highly authoritarian and oppressive and human rights and freedom of expression assembly, and religious expression are severely limited . While some steps have been taken to allow for more freedom, particularly in the past few years, it is still a long way off from being democratic ️. As long as the king is in power, it is likely to remain a dictatorship ️. !! .

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