Is Alcohol Allowed In Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🍹

Saudi Arabia considers alcohol to be a crime!! Saudi Arabia has made it illegal to consume alcohol. It is also strictly forbidden by the law. It is available on the black market but it remains illegal to consume alcohol in this country 🇸🇦 ️ 🔛 🍹 .

Is Alcohol Allowed In Saudi Arabia
Is Alcohol Allowed In Saudi Arabia

Islamic Sharia law forbids the consumption of alcohol! The Saudi Arabia government strictly upholds this ban and has severe penalties in place for anyone found breaking the law whether that be by consuming or possessing it 🇸🇦 🍹.

Since the 1980s Saudi government has increased their efforts to enforce an alcohol ban. Nevertheless, alcohol remains readily available on the black market, particularly in tourist-oriented areas.

Alcohol is also available in some hotels and restaurants that cater to foreign visitors, though many of these establishments are wary of selling it due to frequent police raids on places serving it. Furthermore, getting Alcohol for non-Saudi citizens can be quite difficult since most places selling it require proof of non-Saudi citizenship for example a US or European passport.

Furthermore, Alcohol is freely available in places like Bahrain, just around the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia. However it is illegal to transport Alcohol from Bahrain into Saudi Arabia and those caught doing so are subject to severe penalties 🇸🇦 🇧🇭 🍹.

The punishment for consuming Alcohol in Saudi Arabia is severe and can range from public flogging to imprisonment and even death. Plus, sentencing is based upon the severity of the crime, the amount of Alcohol consumed, and the social standing of the individual participated.

Is Alcohol Allowed In Saudi Arabia from Pexels , user Bessi
Is Alcohol Allowed In Saudi Arabia from Pexels , user Bessi

Overall Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is not allowed in any form. Despite this it is still widely available on the black market and in certain establishments albeit under the radar 🔛. Furthermore those caught in possession of Alcohol or consuming Alcohol regardless of nationality, can face serious penalities. As such while it is possible to drink Alcohol in Saudi Arabia it is important to remember that it is illegal highly frowned upon and can lead to serious consequences 🇸🇦 🍹. … .

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